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#FeminismAgainstWomen #crimebywomen 70 UP schoolgirls made to strip by principal to ‘check for menstrual blood’ |Madam made us take off our clothes saying she will beat us if we did not. We are kids, what could we do? She would have beaten us if we did not obey her.”


#FeminismAgainstWomen #feminismIsMisandry #crimehasnogender #crimebywomen Pune police register molestation case from a woman against a woman – Pune Mirror

#feminismIsMisandry #fakefeminism #crimehasnogender #crimebywomen #womenneverlie #womennevercheat  Money lost in kitty party, woman fakes snatching – The woman confessed that used to regularly attend kitty parties with her friends where she lost a lot of money. She needed some cash immediately, but wanted to conceal the matter from her husband. That’s why she concocted the story of a robbery and lodged a false complaint with the police,” an officer explained.