Sunil putsala

News which really speaks about mens issue.
Media is hiding reality due to fear .

Sunil putsala 

Men are not safe in our country.
To give brief about my blog ;

Name: sunil putsala. 


MBA in operation & retail


Every person is known by their name and has value in the society, but due to gender biased law men are targetted as crininals.

In short society treats man as a born criminal. 

He will be treated as eve teaser , molester and rapist without being asked or listen to his side.

This is called misandry, which feminist has spread in the society via fake feminism and whole world see through it.

Well to give a simple eg in magician shows ; magician shows  different kind of magics via his mass hypnotism where as he never shows what exactly happens behind his shows.

Likewise every story has two sides of the coin but in this gender biased society people ignores man side and give weightage to female side.

In Society feminists spreading that females are not safe teach your brother father to respect them.

But have they demanded that equality via feminism?

They want special prevails on the name of feminism. 

They never says ask your females to respect  male ?

Why they dont have father, brother , husband and in laws at home ?

This is called hypocrisy and where the actually feminism starts exploiting society.

Recently we have seen many eg.of false molestation and false rape cases, but they try to hide the facts to govt. For their feminism funding.

Once the female Perpetrates that he is molester , society starts looking men as a criminal  till he is proven innocent.

By that time he is proven innocent feminist work is done by spoiling man image because  they get enough funding from govt. for her fake feminism but what about man image in the society ?

Will any one will give back his dignity, respect which he must have lost due to fake cases ?

Even if he win the fake cases at what cost?

 what punishment court gives to fake accusers?

Max to max monetary punishment which may be 15,000 rs or max to max six months jail term?

 where as man will be sent behind the bars immediately as soon as  he is accused.

At what cost man can get his lost year and dignity in the society???

Is it worth punishing a fake accusers ?

Actual criminals are freely roaming in the country and innocents are taking rounds of courts to prove their innocence.

This is how feminism is destroying our nation and culture via gender biased laws.

There are 49 women centric laws in indian judiciary and no law is favouring men .

Even our mothers,sisters are not safe being a women in this country.

So what is the use of such laws which does not safe guard our own mother and sisters being a women ?

I am being a part of save indian family wanted govt to set up a mens commision formation and demanding gender neutral laws.

Laws should be gender neutral.

Irrespective of gender they should be punished equally the accusers if found guilty.
If you wanted to be in touch with me here are the link provided.

Twitter handle : putsala_rao


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