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#Falserape #misuseofPOCSO #POCSOmisuse #misuseofrapelaw POCSO Act: Rape accused freed, court says girl knew consequences of act – 24-year-old man charged with raping a minor girl under the stringent Pocso Act recently walked free after she told the court that they were married, and the judge pointed out that “she knew the consequences of her own act”.


#Falserape #feminismismisandry #feminismiscancer #feminismisterrorism #fakefeminism #fakecases  Woman’s rape plaint against husband, relatives false: cops – Accordingly, a B-summary (closure) report has been filed in the case by the APMC police station, which claimed the complainant filed false charges to prevent her husband from interfering in her extramarital affair.

#Feminismismisandry #feminismiscancer #fakefeminism #falserape #lawagainstmen wife’s rape charge: Gujarat HC quashes wife’s rape charge against husband – Preliminary investigation revealed that it was a case of wife swapping as two couples living next-door entered into illicit relationship. After a few months, one couple fell apart leading the wife to register an FIR against her husband and neighbour’s wife.

#Falserape #fakecases #misuseofrapelaw #rapelawmisused #lawagainstmen Mumbai Crime: Woman files fake rape case against ex-lover because she was angry with him – A woman approached the court stating that she had filed a fake rape case against her ex-lover after he went incommunicado for a week.

#Falserape  ‘Cops duty-bound to file FIRs in cognisable offences’ – The affidavit filed by Venkatesh Bhat, Deputy Secretary of the State’s Home Department, says, “In the light of the law as it stands today and various judicial pronouncements, the investigating officer, in all but manifestly false cases, proceeds to register an FIR for further investigation into the allegation contained in the complaint.”

#Feminisnismisandry #Feminismiscancer #Fakefeminism  Fast-track court orders prosecution of woman for filing #falserape case – she admitted that due to temperamental differences between the couple, she filed a false rape case.