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#Fakefeminism #feminisnismisandry #fakecases #falseposco #poscomisuse    Stalker acquitted, 14-year-old calls it a ‘misunderstanding’ – The Times of India on Mobile


#falserape #misuseofrapelaw #rapelawmisused #poscomisuse #feninismisantimen #fakecases  16-year-old girl cooks up story of rape by uncle – The police were, however, shocked after the medical test of the girl revealed that she was not sexually assaulted. “The probe further revealed that the girl was not an orphan and her father had lodged a missing person’s complaint. Also, the name she had given to the police was also fake,” the police said. After being told that the police knew that she was lying, the girl spilled the beans. She told the police that her brother had seen her with a youth about a week ago. “Suspecting he would tell their father about it, the girl had fled away from home and reached Nagpur,” the police said. When the girl was sent to the Nagpur police, she cooked up the story. We handed over the girl to her parents after a thorough investigation,” senior inspector Dilip Kulkarni said, adding that the police will not take any action against the girl as she was a minor.

#poscomisuse #falserape #fakecases #fakefeminism #FeminismIsAntimen #feminismIsMisandry #FeminismIsAntimen #LawAgainstMen #misuseofrapelaw #rapelawmisused POSCO Act: Man falsely accused of raping kid acquitted – The Times of India on Mobile