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#falserape #misuseofrapelaw #rapelawnisused #fakefeminism #fakecases Don’t advise women to lodge false rape cases: court – “This court, therefore, feels it necessary to request the DCW to properly train its counsellors appointed at the police stations and remind them that their duty is to provide support to the victims of sexual assault, and not to advise them to make false allegations of rape,” the judge added.


#feminismismisandry #feminismiscancer #fakefeminism #Womenneverlie #scrap498a #fakecases  Hindi News: महिला हिंसा के 45 फीसदी मामले झूठे, एक साल में 610 केस दर्ज, 270 फर्जी निकले| बाड़मेर समाचार – इसी वजह से 2017 में दर्ज 610 केस में से पुलिस को 270 केस फर्जी पाए गए। हकीकत यह है कि जिन महिलाओं के साथ अत्याचार की मनगढ़ंत कहानी रची गई थी वो झूठी पाई गई। ऐसे में बेवजह ऐसे मामलों में पुलिस का समय बर्बाद हुआ और अंत में कोर्ट में एफआर लगाई गई।

#Fakecases #falsemolestation #fakefeminism #Womenneverlie #womennevercheat Two held for false video alleging molestation by Thane Municipal Commissioner – According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the Municipal commissioner’s 15-year-old domestic worker, confessed that she had been paid a certain sum of money for making false allegations against him.

#Womenneverlie #womennevercheat #feminismismisandry #feminismiscancer #Crimebywomen #fakefeminism #fakecases #fakeposco #poscomisuse #lawagainstmen #lawmisuse  Man let off after teen daughter says sexual abuse charge was frame-up –  Monday acquitted a 39-year-old father after the girl told the court she had falsely implicated her father at the behest of her boyfriend.e

#Womenneverlie #womennevercheat #crimehasnogender #Crimebywomen #feminismismisandry Actor cons NRI of Rs 41 lakh with marriage promise – Balamurugan, who sent photos of Shruthi to his friends, got a shock when they told him that the girl, along with her family, had duped several others like him. He approached police, who filed a case against the four and arrested them on Thursday.

#Falserape #misuseofrapelaw #rapelawmisused Anticipatory bail for actor who ‘raped’ live-in partner – According to the prosecution, the couple was in a live-in relationship from October 2011 till June 2016. After he he resiled from his marriage promise, the woman lodged an FIR with Oshiwara police alleging rape in March 2017. She also alleged that he had borrowed Rs 25 lakh from her.