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#fakecases #corruptcops Businessman fights fake murder case for 20 years, HC slams Mumbai police – The Bombay high court on Wednesday directed the Maharashtra government to pay Rs 6 lakh as compensation to a Ludhiana businessman who had to spend 10 years to prove that the man he was charged with killing in Jogeshwari was alive and another 10 years to find final closure.

#fakefeminism #corruptcops mileading #court Byculla prisoner death: Cops desperate to prove death was an accident: HC – The post mortem, however, conducted the very next day, recorded various external injuries.“All these are your own people. The constables in jail were fully aware. Look at the audacity of placing this document on record,” the bench told Additional Public Prosecutor Mankunwar Deshmukh, who was representing the investigating agency.

#corruptcops #feminismIsMisandry #FeminismIsTerrorism #feminismiscancer Maharashtra women jail staff forced to keep sexual relations with seniors: letter sent to Sena leader | Gorhe said, “In the letter, the woman superintendent has mentioned ten incidents where different women have been bullied, exploited and they are under pressure to keep relations with their higher-ups.”