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#fakefeminism #FeminismIsAntimen #fakecases Section 377 dropped against hubby after out-of-court deal – The HC pointed out that with regards to Section 377, the investigation agency found the allegations against the girlfriend were false and there was no evidence to support the case.

#crimebywomen #fakefeminism #FeminismIsAntimen #feminismiscancer Woman who laid honey trap for elderly held – The criminal run of a 37-year-old woman from Bengaluru, who used to befriend elderly men luring them with glib talk, before making a scene and levelling sexual harassment allegations to extort money.

#falserape #fakefeminism #feminismIsMisandry #FeminismIsAntimen Delhi court frees man of rape charge, says woman was mature enough – The court also noted that there was an inexplicable delay on part of the woman in approaching the police as the FIR was lodged in 2016 while the alleged incidents of rape occurred over a time span of eight years since 2008.It said from her testimony, it appears she voluntarily stayed with the accused and never tried to run away despite the opportunity to run away from his clutches nor did she ever disclose the incident of rape to anybody.