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#Menscommision Man files domestic violence case against wife – Kumar has alleged that Chaitanya kept him in the dark about her first marriage and that she had a 12-year-old daughter from it.


#Womenneverlie  #Feminismismisandry #feminismiscancer #feminismishoax #feminismisterrorism Religion can’t decide kid’s welfare in custody case: HC – Sexual assault allegations were made in November 2014, after the child spent her Diwali vacations at the maternal grandmother’s home in Kerala. Police there had filed a report in 2015 that the case was false. The maternal grandmother, who has moved to Dombivli, said the criminal case was lodged to exert pressure on them

#Fakenewsmedia #fakecases  When it comes to violence against women, Mangaluru tops in domestic abuse – However, according to our investigation, most these cases are not genuine. They are filed to obtain divorce from husband or for other reasons but not on genuine grounds,” claims officer.

#scrap498a Top woman IAS demands definition for ‘wife’, says women misusing laws – Aruna Sharma, a top woman IAS officer in the central government, has lashed out against what she calls the “narrow approach in the name of women’s rights”. She believes this has led to a rampant misuse of law by women, asserting that such “activism” is resulting in men losing faith in the judiciary and the institution of marriage.

#Falsemolestation #Fakefeminism #fakecases The Hindu receives show-case notice from Press Council for its Elphinstone molestation story – But was a simple apology enough? That’s what most of the social media users asked, and it now appears that Smriti Irani agrees with the common users. The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is believed to have expressed their displeasure at the whole turn of events and conveyed the same to Press Council of India, which is a central statutory authority for preserving the freedom of the press and of maintaining and improving the standards of press in India.