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#scrap498a SC Gives UP Govt Two Weeks To Clarify Stand On CrPC (UP) Amendment On Anticipatory Bail | “An individual’s arrest on frivolous grounds violated his fundamental right and the absence of the provision was causing hardship as scores of false dowry harassment cases were being filed against innocent people,” the bench had noted….


#scrap498a #498ajailsinnocsnt #fakefeminism #feminismismisandry #feminismiscancer #feminismishoax #feminismishate #feminismiscruelty #stopabuseofmen #lawagainstmen Home Truths: Why we need a strong law against domestic violence | india-news | Low conviction rate should not be read as a sign that cases are fake, according to Grover. “Cops file a chargesheet after investigation. Why are they doing it if a woman is filing a false case? Why is the trial initiated by the magistrate if it’s false? Does this mean the entire criminal justice system is corrupt or compliant?”

#menscommision #scrap498a #feminismismisandry #feminismishoax #fakefeminism  Contrary to popular belief that only women face violence or torture in matrimony, 6,646 men even had to make SOS calls to UP police and asked cops to rescue them from their ‘violent’ wives in the past one year.

#intetnationalmensday #mensday19nov #mensday #menshealth #imd #imd201u #scrap498a World Men’S Day: ‘App’ With Men, ‘Real’ New Platform For Complaints | जागतिक पुरुष दिन : ‘अ‍ॅप’ देणार पुरुषांची साथ, तक्रारींसाठी ‘वास्तव’चे नवे व्यासपीठ | Lokmat.Com

#scrap498a Top woman IAS demands definition for ‘wife’, says women misusing laws – Aruna Sharma, a top woman IAS officer in the central government, has lashed out against what she calls the “narrow approach in the name of women’s rights”. She believes this has led to a rampant misuse of law by women, asserting that such “activism” is resulting in men losing faith in the judiciary and the institution of marriage.